University Restaurant - Central campus

Photo by Henrique Almeida – UFSC Communication Agency (AGECOM)

UFSC University Restaurant (RU) is linked to the Prorectorate for Student Affairs (PRAE). The restaurant serves students, faculty and administrative staff, and promotes the health maintenance of its users by providing balanced and diversified meals. These meals are produced under patterns of quality control and taking into account the variation of food habits existing in the state. RU also contributes to promoting quality of teaching, research and outreach, being a site for internship and research at both undergraduate and graduate education levels.


Until 1965, the University Restaurant – at the time University Canteen – was administered by the Students’ Union (DCE). From this year, UFSC implemented the services at the Escola Técnica Federal de Santa Catarina [Federal Technical School of the State of Santa Catarina] and in 1970 the restaurant moved to the main university campus.  From the modest installations at the Escola Técnica Federal de Santa Catarina to the current facilities, a huge step was taken. Over these 50 years of continuous operation, millions of meals have been prepared and served by the Restaurant and the mass of food used amounts to thousands of tons.

If the volume of service is high, so is the effort and dedication of those working at RU. The constant concern to serve the university community well has led to the continuous improvement of the restaurant, and the acquisition of modern equipment has allowed for a greater efficiency in the preparation and distribution of meals.

The restaurant staff members are periodically going through specific training in their areas of practice, including Human Relations and Workplace Hygiene, to constantly improve their professional qualification. Receiving suggestions and criticism from its users, notably from students, over the years, has been of great importance for upgrading RU services. There is no doubt that preparing meals for thousands of people with different habits and customs is not an easy task.